BVOP Certified Project Manager Review

BVOP Certified Project Manager is a specialization certification that you can get by passing an online exam. This certification is for all those individuals who desire to enhance their knowledge and learn modern useful business skills. platform will help you acquire the title certification you want.

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The BVOP Certified Project Manager certificate
This is how the BVOP Certified Project Manager certificate looks like.

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Stages of development of business organizations

There are four stages of development of each business organization. Each of these stages corresponds to certain management, business strategy, and tactics. However, in order to be able to define them correctly, you will need to accurately perceive and understand the nature and goals of the business organization. The manager discovers the opportunities, develops them, and believes that the success of their implementation is possible.

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Approaches to estimation in project management

There are different approaches to estimation practices in project management processes. We will discuss the BOTTOM-UP AND TOP-DOWN APPROACHES and the PARAMETRIC APPROACH. All project management practices related or not-related to estimation published in this website are validated for accuracy by PM.MBA and their official supervisors.

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Procurement Process in Project Management practices

Procurement Process in Project Management practices. The process is described and commonly used in government procurements. Commercial procurements are similar, but they have fewer steps. At first glance, nothing seems wrong with this procurement process.

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Who is Project Manager, responsibilities and how to become a project manager

Who is the project manager and how to become a project manager are two major and common questions. Most of the major Internet projects (we will use the example of a well-known industry) are created by teams. Often such teams have several projects.

For example, the editors have several more sites, and within the framework of the CCI, we have many areas and special projects. Each project should have a leader, a responsible person who leads this project and collects a team for it. This person is called the Project Manager.

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What is Project Management, definition and usual practices and methods

What is the definition of project management and what are the different methods of project management? This is a really important question that may provide us very interesting knowledge and ideas. Project management is the discipline of launching, planning, completing, commanding, and ending the operation of partners to accomplish particular objects and satisfy precise resolution standards at the defined period.

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