Presentation of the Certified Project Manager

Presentation of the Certified Project Manager

My name is Bernadette and I have been a certified project manager for 2 years. I am the new project manager for your project and I will be the main person for communication, exchange of information, the definition of needs and support in every respect, if necessary, with your company.

I have a dozen successful projects in this field, and the necessary competencies and responsibilities that I possess give me the necessary confidence and confidence that you will receive what you have requested in the desired time and with the necessary quality.

I have certificates from PMI, PRINCE2, and BVOP with the title Certified Business Value-Oriented Project Manager (Abbr: BVOPM,

If you need assistance with project management or IT issues, as well as other things that concern you, do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

For my part, I will ask you to:

  • Contacts of the persons participating in the project on your part;
  • Priorities in project delivery;
  • If you have any additional requirements, please share them;
  • I will need information on how far you have come and how our employees can access your servers

To achieve the desired results, I suggest that when it is convenient for you to make a meeting to discuss and regulate the communication between us, and possibly any other expectations on your part to me. At the meeting, I will introduce you to the colleagues who are involved in your project.
To save additional time in the attached file, you can find the opportunities for reports and periodicity of their preparation, which can be provided to you to be informed about the stage of each phase of your project. Please discuss with your teams to let us know your decision during the meeting.

As you already know, I have been appointed to the company as a Certified Project Manager. In the short time, I had to get acquainted with the project, I saw that there was some delay, but the work done so far gave me confidence that I will work together in a team of great professionals in their fields, which makes me very happy and confident in the successful completion of the project.

But first, let me tell you a few words about me. Before joining the company, I was involved in projects abroad and more precisely in the IT industry, thanks to which I enriched and strengthened my knowledge in the field. Before that, I worked on projects related to the creation of products, such as Internet banking, payments via mobile phones, etc., which gave me a good basis for communication between the various units, which is extremely important to me. As a person, I am very persistent and persistent, and you can be sure that completing the project on time is my main goal.

Weekly meetings with the certified project manager

To begin with, we will hold a meeting once a week for 1 hour to discuss the tasks currently completed and to discuss the next steps. I will send invitations to the teams later today.
I see that there is some delay in the deadlines, but I think that with the teamwork I expect from you it will be overcome.
I expect the older colleagues to support the newer colleagues, whom I have heard, by the way, do a great job.
If there is a problem, an omission that you think could lead to a delay, I would like to be notified in good time so that we can find a solution together.
I will try to be in constant contact with you because I know that good teamwork and constant communication are leading to achieving the set goals. And we all want that, right?

I want you not to worry, but to communicate with me about every single thing that worries you, even on a personal matter. I will be grateful for that.

The certified project manager and his communication with the director

As a certified project manager, I hold on to productive communication. Therefore, I would like to know what would be the most convenient way for you to contact us in connection with our business commitments. This will facilitate the management of the processes that will take place in the course of our joint work. Performing the functions of a project manager, it is in our mutual interest to establish an easy and convenient way for the information from my activity to reach you, as well as the feedback to me about the requirements you have regarding the manner and order of fulfilling my duties. This feedback is very important to me.

I have completed a five-year course in project management and a 2-year course in engineering. I qualified as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of California. My specialty is Business Management.

For the last 12 years, I have held positions related to administrative activities, procedures, and decisions related to the departments of Human Resources, Transport and Logistics, Supply Management, Information Technology, and Information Security. I also have experience in managing and maintaining the material base of the companies. Organizing maintenance of the building stock, building installations, support systems, and facilities. Budgeting the activities of administrative units. Relationships with government and business institutions, telecommunications, suppliers. And many others, along with other obligations arising from the specific job description.

I have participated in the development and implementation of a Quality Management System according to the requirements of the European standard ISO 9001: 2015, Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to the British standard ISO 45001, and Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001: 2014.

For years I have been directly managing the transport and logistics activities as an administrative manager, combining different responsibilities.
I can be useful with the experience I have, as part of it are the skills for adequate evaluation, successful organization, management, and total control over everything I do.

The pursuit of optimization to reduce costs in my overall work is a priority.
I have completed the Microsoft Project 2016 Essential Training course at PMI and obtained a certificate of completion, which I have attached to my other certificates in the Human Resources Department, and entered here in the organization.

Another project management course at PMA

I am currently successfully passing another course – “Certified Project Manager” at Project Management Academy (, which will enrich my knowledge and strengthen my practical preparation for the successful completion of each project that I manage and implement.
My job description includes the implementation of many functions related to the coordination and management of processes and projects. This motivates me to improve my knowledge and theoretical training related to project management. For a manager to survive, it is vital to keep up with the development of the accompanying and supporting processes that govern the business as a whole.

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I am open to innovations. I have extensive experience in my previous work with various activities, responsibilities, and challenges that I have dealt with successfully, despite the nature of any objective and subjective difficulties. I am calm and able to work under pressure, grading priorities and deadlines. I am positive. Stubborn, not least. And, not insignificantly, I have a good long-term administrative experience, a good general culture, and the right way of expression – orally and in writing.

I work well with all office applications and office equipment. I love the rules and I want them to be followed.
Thank you for allowing me to work for the organization and for my vote of confidence to manage the projects in it.
I will give of myself all that I am capable of and that depends on me to establish myself as a successful manager and to be an example with my work.

One thought on “Presentation of the Certified Project Manager”

  1. One of the mistakes of senior management is that they notice the work of the project manager earlier. If he has not done well with a project, the director should talk to him and clarify his commitments, behavior, and effectiveness. Employees need to know that they can turn to their bosses for help. When they realize they have a problem, seek help from other superiors.

    The employee is to blame if he does not respond to the clients on time and lags in time because as a Project Manager these are part of his duties and he has to follow the project life cycle very clearly. That is, he should have made a plan that would satisfy both the client and the team working on it. If you know your team well, you need to know what to expect from it – such as attitude, working hours, possible defects, etc. He had a problem with the people on his team after he described misunderstandings with the programmers later in his comment. The goal of a project manager, in my opinion, is not only to fulfill his duties but also to build very good relationships with his bosses, colleagues, and clients. And it turns out that he did not have a good relationship with his bosses, or his team, or with the clients of the project.

    Very often customers do not know what they want, but they want to get it. They expect to communicate with someone who speaks their language and would help do what they expect. As we do not have a Product Manager position in our company, this role must be performed by the project managers.

    What I can advise you is to follow the work of the programmers and the whole team working on this project. There may be gaps and someone may have to be fired, but don’t rush. See what other employees think of him, this way you will also be able to get a clear idea of ​​what kind of employee he was. Do not refuse to work on the project, any project would be successful, with a pre-clarified work plan agreed by both parties, which requires the work of a good professional as a project manager.

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