The new job as a project manager isn’t so scary

Starting a new job as a project manager is exciting, but also nerve-wracking. You may feel like the new kid at school walking into a classroom where everyone knows everyone.

According to a study by Accountemps in the US, half of the new hires and 60% of project managers say that integration into the work process is the most challenging part of the new job. In addition to figuring out how to best do your job in your new location, you also have to deal with the added stress of getting to know your new coworkers and supervisors. Sometimes all of this can make you feel overwhelmed with commitments.

However, there are a few simple things you can do to ease your transition to your new job, reduce your stress levels, and make the most of your opportunities. Emotional intelligence can help you make this period, if not pleasant, at least less stressful and busy. Here are four things emotionally intelligent people do when they start a new job:

Focus on self-awareness

Good self-awareness allows you to identify and manage the feelings you go through when starting a new job. It’s important to be aware that it’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions during such major changes in your life. Every person in the company you work for probably went through the same feelings and emotions when they started working there. Read more: Reference: “To be a good certified project manager“,

Self-awareness gives you the ability to slow down and take time to gain a better understanding of the situation you’re in before reacting. It’s important to remember that learning new things comes with discomfort and challenges, even when it comes to things you love to do. It’s also important to know yourself well enough to know when a job just isn’t for you.

Focus on forming relationships

Trying to build relationships with many new people at work can feel like navigating a minefield. We wonder who to trust and who to turn to with questions or when we need help with new tasks. It is important to emphasize that you do not need to immediately understand the complex social dynamics of your workplace. Read more: “Sample interview questions for a project manager job“,

Focus on being open and friendly and introducing yourself to everyone. Making a good first impression will be critical to long-term success in any new job.

Social awareness helps emotionally intelligent people learn to identify the culture and inner workings of an organization, allowing them to more smoothly adapt to their new workplace.

A good starting point when forming relationships in a new workplace is to focus on building relationships with people who do not fill competing roles but are also new to the organization. These people probably feel similar feelings and face similar challenges, which means you can count on each other for mutual support. Reference: “Newly certified project manager in a small company“,

Ask questions

Emotionally intelligent people are good at seeking help and practicing active listening. It’s important, for example, to make sure you understand what your boss and colleagues’ expectations are. You may be surprised to find that you have more leeway than you expected. Empathy will help you understand that everyone, including those above and around you, is under pressure and have their stressors.

The worst thing you can do is not tell anyone that you are feeling overwhelmed and pretend that everything is fine. Ask your boss or colleagues what they would do if they were you and where they would go for help. Be proactive and make suggestions to your boss about what might be helpful in your situation.

Most people like to talk about the challenges they have overcome. Ask your supervisors about how they acted when faced with a difficult situation at the beginning of their new job. Remember that the people who hired you want you to succeed. Give them a chance to help you do it.