What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner role?

What are the most important responsibilities of a Product Owner role?

The product owner must provide the tasks for the development team, and it is also very important that he/she prioritizes the tasks according to the client’s requirements and their importance to the product itself.

The product owner represents the customers of the end product and is looking for a way to develop the product so that it is satisfactory to them. The product owner is responsible for creating a valuable product for customers.

Who is the leader at Scrum?

The product owner is the leader in modesty because his job is to authorize the development team, determine the progress of the work, as well as lead time and product budget.

What does the value of the work done mean?

In my opinion, this means the work that the team has completed so far is of value to the product itself, the customer, and the end-user.
Because there are things and functionalities of one product that have less value (importance) for the product itself and the customers than other ones. The value of the work done means that the most important things for all parties are to be implemented in the finished product and not to be unnecessary. This makes the end product more valuable to customers.

What is User Story?

User Story is, in fact, the tasks that the entire team works on to create a product. User Story is not always a specific task, it can be an overall idea. This idea is already broken down into separate tasks for teams. Reference: User Stories Real Example. How to create user stories

Why might User Story not mean a task for team members?

User Story may also be desires towards the end product of the customers. But this may be of minor importance in terms of product development and not be executed by the development team. Therefore, this is not always a specific task, but can only be a client’s idea.

What possible initial startup can the Product Owner role and stakeholder fulfill, and why?

Before product development begins, a so-called product vision can be created by product outsiders and customers. This is a real gathering of information to be able to understand what the end-users of the product will be, and what vision and functionality they would expect.

What are the responsibilities of the Product Manager role at Scrum?

In my opinion, the most important responsibilities of the product manager are the constant communication with the stakeholders, according to their requirements, the privatization of the tasks in the backlog submitted to the development team, as well as to monitor the work progress and be responsible for the budget for a product.
He is also responsible for meeting customer deadlines and is required to monitor this throughout the work process.

What are the important knowledge and qualities of the Product Owner Role?

Product Owner should know the product and business very well. He also needs to look a little broader at the processes of work and team, and be a communicative person. In my opinion, this is very important because he constantly has to communicate with the client and has to know how to convince him of something, for example, when the team is facing difficulties. He is responsible for the actions of the team, so he must always be aware of what, when and how the team is doing and when they will be ready for their tasks.

What is the difference between the value for the users of a product and the value of the product from the perspective of its owners?

I’ll give you a small example. Let’s say product owners want to develop an online shopping platform. This idea can have 200 – 300 or more ideas before it comes to fruition. But some of them are much more important than others. From an owner’s perspective, it may be important to have a product search engine and customers to shop for the most important products, as well as to have 24-hour support. This will be valued from the point of view of the owners. The value from a consumer perspective will be what the interface itself will look like and what color the search box for a product will look like. But in this case, it is not an important option for the value of the product, that is not so important.

How often should the Product Owner role guide the Development Team as to how they should do the job?

The Product Owner is not concerned with how the team should do its work on the technical part.

What does work prioritization mean?

Prioritizing work means prioritizing the tasks that a team needs to accomplish in a given sprint in order of importance. Priority should be given to the most important functionality of the product for it to be completed. And then, if desired by the client, other minor functionality can be added.

Why should the Product Owner role prioritize work?

Some things are much more important than others when developing a product. Since, in most cases, dealing with deadlines set by the customer, it is important to first do the most necessary things for the product itself, that is, it is prioritized over minor functionalities that are not as important to the customer and end-users.

Why can stakeholders stop working on the product, given that the product is not ready for the planned work yet?

When there are many product backlog items, it means that not all are of particular importance to customers and consumers as I mentioned. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the most important ideas. Stakeholders may be satisfied that the most important things for the product themselves are ready and give up smaller and less important ones.