The Project Manager and their responsibilities – how to become one

Project Manager and their responsibilities
Learn everything about the Project Manager and their responsibilities

“Who is the project manager” and “How to become a project manager” are two common questions today. Most of the major Internet projects (we will use the example of a well-known industry) are created by IT and development teams. Often such teams work on several projects.

For example, the editors have several more sites, and within the framework of the CCI, we have many areas and special projects. Each project should have a leader, a responsible person who leads this project, and collects a team for it. This person is called a Project Manager.

Practice shows that this approach is optimal.

Who is the project manager?

So, who is Project Manager? The manager is responsible for a specific project.

For example, we are launching a series about choosing a profession, which is crowned by a career counseling test. Articles are written by authors. The test is done by the programmer. But brings them together, sets tasks – Project Manager.

The success of any undertaking, be it creating a website, launching an advertising campaign, etc., depends on the success of the team working on it. What kind of team this will be, relationships will be in the team, who and what will be responsible depends directly on the project manager.

Often this position is described vaguely and it is not completely clear what the person who is called the Project Manager does. Read more about the project manager responsibilities and definition in

The project manager is the heart of the project

The project manager is the person who leads the team and is responsible for achieving the goals of the project. Some consider that the project manager should have experience working with programs. For someone, soft skills are more important. It often happens that the responsibilities of the project manager overlap with the responsibilities of tech/team lead, QA, UX-designer, BA, content manager.

But in fact, all these posts have completely different tasks and different functions. And if the Project Manager, in addition to the tasks that it has to perform in the first place, will work with codes/testing/designing, this will negatively affect both the PM itself and the project.

Of course, the situations are different. Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and work out what is called “hands”. But this is more an exception than a rule. Perhaps working with different areas will help to better understand the project, to determine what nuances and risks may be. But in reality, a Project Manager is not a universal employee, it is a person who specializes in his field, namely in project management.

The Project Manager is the decision-maker

We fought over the site for two hours and could not figure out how to better place the order button and organize a clear presentation of product information. Then our Project Manager said: Enough! Let’s go drink some coffee.
And so we stomped the whole team to the nearest Chocolate House, drink drinks, eat cakes and a copywriter gives out a friend: why not do it …. And in the next 10 minutes, we completely decide what we could not reach for hours.

From the reader’s story about the organization of work.

The mission of the project manager is to build such a process of working on a project that will meet parameters such as timelines, quality, and the development of the allocated budget.

The competence of the project manager lies in knowing how to manage the project. Execution is what the project manager achieves by applying his knowledge of project management.

Opinion: it is certainly good to say that the Project Manager is not a universal soldier. but we are realists, we work in real companies, and it is obvious that the Project Manager is a fireman who extinguishes where it burns. And you have to code and even write texts.

A Project Manager needs qualities and personality

The leader should also have personal qualities that will help him master the project completely.

The project manager will deal with its team, customer, the project itself, and management. A project manager is a person who needs more than anyone else. Sometimes he is boring, sometimes he acts like a dictator, sometimes more liberal. Any role should be dependent on the situation and directly correspond to the tasks set.

A project manager is a combination of knowledge, management skills, and identifying existing tools and methods.

In simple, understandable language, the Project Manager is the person who can choose the right people for the project, and for them to create acceptable working conditions and at the same time not to interfere.

How to become a project managerIt turns out that project management is all that its leader does to ensure that the project is completed on time, efficiently, and within the allocated budget.

In project management, more than 40 processes are distinguished, united in 5 groups:

  • initiation – approval of the project concept and decision making on its launch;
  • planning – definition of a plan and preparation for its implementation;
  • execution – performance of work according to a specific plan;
  • control and monitoring – tracking, checking, and reporting on the progress of work;
  • closing – the final stage of the project, the transfer of finished documentation.

Responsibilities of the Project Manager

The functions and responsibilities of the Project Manager are:

  • work with requirements and prioritization of points;
  • visual demonstration of product functionality;
  • record-keeping; regular communication and customer feedback;
  • control of deadlines and timely notification of the customer;
  • building trust.

In terms of working with people, the tasks are as follows:

  • team building;
  • training;
  • statement of the entire workflow (development, testing, work with requirements);
  • motivation and building quality interaction;
  • conflict resolution,
  • elimination of any interference that interferes with the operation.

Product responsibilities

  • drawing up development and implementation plan;
  • breakdown of the task into parts;
  • appointment of performers;
  • monitoring of performance and risk management and analysis;
  • quality control;
  • document management and reporting;
  • version control.

Each project is unique. What works on one thing may not work on the other. Need to experiment. Also, you need to be able to stop in time, think, and make a correct assessment of the existing situation.

The Project Manager is the person who needs more than anyone else. He leaves work later than anyone else, he is most involved in the project.

How to become a Project Manager?

I’ll tell you how this happens in our editorial office.

There are always plans for a huge number of projects, special series, services. This list is available to the entire editorial staff; moreover, people sometimes throw up new ideas. You may now want to read the article How to Become a Project Manager Without Experience, published in Scrum Time Magazine (

Something is being put into development by the editor-in-chief.

But, if you see that some of the projects are of interest to you. Really interesting and you have your own vision of its implementation. You sketch a small plan and with it, you go to the glider. You tell me.

If people take it positively and there are people who want to participate, if the editor-in-chief gives the go-ahead, then you build a more detailed plan, with budget calculations, confirm with the editor-in-chief, assemble a team, get money and work. Everything is simple.

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