Why become a Certified Human Resources Manager?

Why become a Certified Human Resources Manager

Why do I want to study Human Resources? Why do I want to receive a Human Resources Certificate? These questions are answered by Angelina Rodriguez, who is now fighting for the title of “Certified Human Resources Manager”.

Why Certified Human Resources Manager?

Because Human Resources is the engine of every company, which is responsible for its greatest resource – staff. I want to be a Certified Human Resources Manager and be involved in surveying employee motivation and developing strategies to facilitate the relationships that arise between employers and their employees.

Working as a Certified Human Resources Manager touches you in many areas – economics, sociology, psychology, business development, and much more. The implementation is worldwide and provides a wide field of expression, both in the field of various industries and closely related to human resources, namely specialized agencies for selection and training. Reference: “What is it like to be a Certified Human Resources Manager?” (NEWIA.INFO), https://newia.info/what-is-it-like-to-be-a-certified-human-resources-manager/

Certified Human Resources Managers, at least shortly, cannot be replaced by computerized systems and there is a danger of dropping out of this field, remain based on the human factor and relationships. Their role will continue to be important for years to come, which provides security that provides additional impetus for implementation in the field.

What qualities should a Certified Human Resources Manager have

The qualities that I think will be useful for me to be a professional Certified Human Resources Manager are:

  • I like to encourage people and motivate them;
  • I show empathy and patience to the problems of others, offer help and ask for advice;
  • I am not afraid to express my opinion on issues related to the welfare of an organization, which is related to employer-employee communication;
  • I like being a mediator. We are all familiar with the conflict situations that arise in the employer-employee relationship;
  • I like to be at the epicenter of events, which inevitably happens when I take the position of Human Resources Manager.

Qualities that will somehow prevent me from doing my job well:

The uncertainty I still have in recruiting and offering different solutions in managing and motivating employees. I believe that the solution is a practice in a real environment and continuous training to build on what has been learned and to apply it.

Of course, certain qualities would prevent me from effectively coping with the tasks of a Human Resources Manager, but that is why I have the ambition to train and at the same time work as a Human Resources employee to face different situations.

The role of Certified Human Resources Manager

Angelina also presents her vision for the professional Certified Human Resources Manager.

Certified Human Resources Manager manages a department, or he deals with finding, selecting staff, and terminating employment. Develops strategies for staff engagement, training, and development; develops remuneration and benefits policies.

The successful Certified Human Resources Manager takes care of the well-being of the employees. Reference: “BVOP Certified Human Resources Manager”, (BVOP.org), https://bvop.org/humanresources/

Certified Human Resources Manager does not forget the responsibility that is expressed in supporting the organization to achieve its goals.

The Human Resources Manager is not an accountant. Its function is to provide a safe working environment for compliant employees; to facilitate the relations between the employees, between the employees and the management; to participate in the training of the staff in the organization; to assist the organization in building a stable policy for employee retention and the formation of company culture, linked to the organizational behavior of employees.

My activities as a Certified Human Resources Manager

Business partner in the organization he works for. Work in partnership with the rest of the management staff. Reference: “Human Capital and Human Resources” (2019) https://mstsnl.net/human-capital-and-human-resources/
Empathy – going under the skin of each employee, revealing his strengths and weaknesses, managing his activity, and striving to upgrade, regardless of the field of action – warehouse worker, warehouse manager, administrative staff, managerial positions.
Proactivity and initiative – giving ideas to anticipate events and situations or to create good ones.
Ethical attitude and confidentiality
Management of a team of professionals in the field of HR and their activities for the well-being and service of the interests of the company and its employees. Reference: “Human resources and culture”, (2020, World Forge Magazine, ISSN 1933-8848) https://www.worldforgemagazine.com/human-resources-and-culture/


The company’s employees are its most valuable asset. It is the responsibility of the HR manager to select the best staff and to ensure efficiency and mutual benefit between employer and employee, which leads to productivity and high results.